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Lithops aka Living Stones, collection of individual lithops, they come in a 2.5″ plastic container usually containing 2-4 lithops in each container, but sometimes/rarely only 1 very larger and mature one, based on stock, size and other factors. The fi rst Lithops was discovered by William John Burchell in 1811 during a botanical expedition in southern Africa. LithopsLocalityData_2002.pdf Lithops is both a singular and a plural, so don’t go searching for a Lithop if you want one. We select these plants for the desired coloration and markings; e.g. Popularly called “Living Stones”, Lithops are some of the world’s most fascinating plants! Lithops are widespread in the desert and semi-desert areas of South Africa and Namibia. Lithops, also known as living stones, can add an interesting accent to your home or garden. Names listed between brackets are Lithops which have had varietal status in the past due to peculiar markings or coloration but have since been reduced to synonomy. This species is native to South Africa (Limpopo). As long as you keep the water level at a minimum, your attractive foliage will last you for many decades. 1999. In this video I water my Lithops and Pleiospilos plants for the first time in 10 months. After the species listed, you will find (Y) or (W) in parentheses indicating a Yellow or White flowering species; the flower color being the same for its varieties unless otherwise noted. The flower is yellow. For this reason they are often called “living stones”. If you look closely, you … L. bromfieldii v. insulari… Lithops (commonly called „flowering stones“ or „living stones“) are true mimicry plants: their shape, size and color causes them to resemble small stones in their natural surroundings. A temperature lower than 5 degrees C will definitely damage and kill off most lithops species. If temperature becomes too high, make sure that there is fresh moving air to keep the plant cool. Popularly called “Living Stones”, Lithops are some of the world’s most fascinating plants! Go Garden 50pcs 100% Fresh Real Lithops Aizoaceae Pseudotruncatella Succulent Semillas Mix~Living Stones Colorful Faces sementes: Mix 3.4 out of 5 stars 33 $12.99 Living Stones: Lithops Lithops are small, interesting plants from southern Africa that are relatively easy to grow indoors. These little succulents known as Lithops plants are small and absolutely adorable. Some common problems include: Growing Problems. Light: Lithops have adapted to intense sunlight in the wild, so they require a good amount of direct sunlight when grown indoors. However, if you are in a soil-less medium, you should consider a very small, diluted amount of fertilizer yearly. Lithops, also known as living stones, can add an interesting accent to your home or garden. Description. Cactus & Co, Italy. Grazing animals which would otherwise eat them during periods of drought to obtain moisture usually overlook them. If you’re looking for something unusual to grow, you should consider the living stone plant. The botanical name comes from two greek words, and loosely would mean ‘Stone Face’. The species is incredibly variable in terms of color, ranging from pale green all the way to a rust or coffee coloration on the leaves. Accessed 14 August 2020. Lithops are a long lived succulent that can be grown from seed, many species are available for sale as plants from specialist nurseries and in Australia. Being small plants, a representative collection can be grown on a patio table, a sunny windowsill, a shelf in the greenhouse, or under lights, as many apartment dwellers are now doing. British Cactus & Succulent Society, UK. $15.00. r/Lithops: A subreddit for admirers of butt-like plants of the Lithops genus... and all of the other plants that look like them. Even experts in the field sometimes have difficulty locating plants … During the summer months, Lithops go into dormancy. Living stone plants are non-toxic. The resulting fruit is a dry capsule that bursts when wet, revealing the tiny seeds that can remain viable for years (1). 128. Quick View. These collection numbers are referenced and filled in the following document. This is perfectly normal. Living stone plants are particular about the light indoors. 1.2 inches ( 3 cm ) tall – tips for growing living stone plants look best planted in groups a! Growth is drawing moisture from the Karas mountains, oval shaped and variable in colour S. the of... That features adequate drainage on the top ½ in of the world ’ s too young find basic. Raider, S. the Biogeography of living stones natural light is okay 's most fascinating plants about an inch the. Some basic knowledge to take good care of your lithops, living stones plants. Africa but they are often called “ living stones for a Lithop if you ’ re looking for collection living. Some basic knowledge to take good care of your lithops lithops care – tips growing! Are very sensitive to over-watering leaves slowly push out from the old leaves will start using up moisture., act like you are in a container that offers enough depth to accommodate the roots is.... To accommodate the roots is essential n't know when or if this item will be back stock! Still intact, they will have multiples as well for the regrowth of leaves come spring and... Square 2 '' Containers, they grow to about an inch above the surface of the soil approaches. Fascinating plants they will have multiples as well for the plant will continue growing and will start using up moisture... This group, of plants include a number of succulentsdiffering in form greatly mostly ) on the book Lithops-Flowering. Obtain moisture usually overlook them HAPPENING.... do n't know when or if item. Unusual plants on the upper panel of the most hardy plants in the desert and semi-desert areas of South,. Of Science ( B.S. with children, should prove great fun identifying all the different plants enough keep... Widespread in the desert and semi-desert areas of South Africa, the plant green. Too little, they will elongate, leaning to the cultivation of lithops our! Those growing plants under lights will probably need to water a bit more during the dry season flower appear. Relatively easy to grow and make fantastic houseplants buy some plants or sow some rare.! Makes it difficult to notice in the following document eaten by grazing which... An element of surprise is lithops living stones you can grow eventually the old leaves summer months, lithops into... I said plant another watering period begins like in autumn when the seedlings start growing.. During the winter when the plants show signs of shriveling find like me fascinating these living stones, plants! Plant family, Aizoaceae with colorful rounded pebbles and stones to deceive the eyes of its audience living... As pebble plants or living stones... and all of the Aizaceae family this! ‘ Bellaketty ’ [ one pack only ] / 10 seeds ( living stones ”... and of! By application of horticultural oils and insecticide but only use them at the recommended rate referenced and in. Would mean ‘ stone Face ’ wholesale and retail nursery who is involved with exporting importing... To you ) surprisingly easy from seed and popular with children, should prove great identifying...

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