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Flora Light is the perfect spread to melt onto hot vegetables, smother onto toast and make healthy snacks. You may like to take him/her a copy of the 2012 Yoseph & Yoseph book “How statin drugs really lower cholesterol and kill you one cell at a time.”. As Dr Uffe Ravnskov, founder of the International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics and author of several books about fat and cholesterol, says: “It is correct that cholesterol goes down if we eat much plant sterol, but that doesn’t mean that it is able to prevent heart disease, because no one has ever tested that in a scientific experiment. Real butter needs to come from a real animal and the best butter is hand churned. Heart health. The processed spread is much cheaper, despite all the industrial operations needed. Yes, margarine is hydrolized vegetable oil. And can you recycle Flora packaging? He notes that David Jenkins and 16 colleagues had an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association raving about the ‘benefits’ of consuming plant sterols. You may enjoy this presentation ( Watch for 10 mins from 40 mins in if you don’t have time to watch it all. If his cholesterol was high (and I mean high – not what docs call high) – it would be a marker that there was damage that cholesterol was trying to repair. The chemical difference between fats solid at room temperature and fats liquid at room temperature is that the solid fats have hydrogen atoms in the right place providing a more solid and stable structure. Some end up on the wrong side of the structure and you end up not with a saturated fat, but with a completely new fat completely alien to the body. The higher one’s cholesterol level, the lower one’s risk of heart disease and vice versa. I will definitely give it the heave ho now but the issue of high vs low fat and high vs low cholesterol is a big worry for me. Ezetrol. I am a BUTTER man because of that. With reference to the comment on Statin side effects I have long proclaimed the same with the dreaded blood pressure tablets and the ridiculous targets set for these. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The natural product is called butter, but then there’s no money for Unilever or the BHF in promoting butter. This may help you understand what’s been going on in your body: Google “dangers of aspartame” and prepare to be worried. Tiredness and circulation issues are known side effects of this drug, and it’s only since the raised dose that he’s had these. P.S. He’s now been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his knees, and I’m trying hard to persuade him that following a low-carb diet will reduce not only his weight, but the effects of the arthritis, too. Which one is healthier, butter or margarine? The Flora advert is just pandering to the worried ‘well’, what is wrong with a cholesterol level of 6 anyway ? After severe joint pains, dehydration, headaches, breathlessness, cracking skin and generally feeling ‘one degree under’ I have refused to take BP medication and feel so much better for it. Are you interested in the foods that contribute to good cholesterol? At last, the truth: Butter is GOOD for you - and margarine is chemical gunk. I guess to put it in a nutshell I really don’t know if I am doing the right thing or wrong thing with my present regime and I don’t know what caused my CVD. I only wish I could increase it!!! Your genes are encouraging. You’ve got 2 of the risk factors that you can do nothing about – gender and genetics. So you avoid fat of any kind? In spite of that, Unilever still advertise their margarine and other food products with high contents of plant sterols as “heart healthy” and now the British Heart Foundation is part of this scandal. Top dude! Oh dear , I’ve been worrying about eating flora pro-Active for some time not knowing really what was in it .today i decided to find out some info’ and came across this wonderful article,I’ve been on statins for 15years and thought that giving up butter, although quite difficult would be better for me , not so sure now,! Ignore the Awkward – Dr Uffe Ravnskov This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 4. On researching I found out that the flora had 12 and 1/2 % plant sterol estern but the Benecol had only 7% plant stanol ester. Flora is a source of vitamins A, D and E, whereas Rama is a source of Vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B6, niacin and folic acid. The margarine vs butter battle is one of my fields of research and your article is very helpful and clarifying. Of course, I googled it, and found a great long list of possible side effects!! None of the information ever feature us and we are a fantastic group for a scientist with a pioneering spirit. Hi, Zoe – yes, the cholesterol thing is really worrying me. Butter also has a natural colour. (Zoe note – the idea that real saturated fats may not be desirable and these manufactured fats may be better suited for ‘target food products’ may refer to the fact that these ‘fake’ fats are cheaper and have a longer shelf life – fine properties for a ‘food’ company, but not for a human). Without the luxury of being funded by spread makers, Dr Ravnskov has found that “several studies have shown that even a mild elevation of plant sterols in the blood is a risk factor for heart disease”. Interesting article. 0 0. That amount is supposed to lower cholesterol by 0.5% (the maximum you can lower it through using these products), so you dont need spread on top of the drink to achieve this. Hi Zoe, I too get really pissed off with the misinformation this Charity is ignorantly spitting out! To be honest it`s really expensive, tastes vile ( as does most marges ) and now been told it`s a waste of money. In addition, Yakult ‘Ace Light’ also consists of an artificial sweetener and flavoring agents, which are also poorly recommended. I made several trips to my doctors who did several blood tests which revealed nothing. I want to stop taking the Atorvastatin after an enlightening issue on holiday recently. A healthy diet is one that is rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, includes lean protein, good and essential fats and regular physical activity that aims to improve heart health. Taking probiotics can also help to restore the good bacteria and reduce these symptoms. Is Flora good for you? It's great for smoothies and overnight oats. Should cholesterol lowering spreads come with a health warning for pregnant women? I, too, detest that Flora advert. ... a salt lamp night light could be a good option for you. 3) This may help with the foods that ‘lower’ cholesterol. Bacteria can be affected by storage, air, light and moisture, and there is no guarantee that the bacteria survives in the yoghurt Kate Gudorf, Dietitians Association of Australia If conditions are right and the bacteria survives, you'd need to eat 100 million colony-forming units (CFU) regularly every day to increase the activity of good bacteria. All Flora packs are widely recyclable. There are several other things that I have found much improved but would be ”To much information” on a public site. As a final thought – you may like to ask nursey why the patient leaflet for the most lucrative statin – Lipitor ( warns against anyone taking the drug over the age of 70?! − if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 4 years ago. What does your body use for energy? Let alone healthy? This may be of interest – At the age of 70 I am slim, fit and healthy with cholesterol of 5.9. I take Simvastatin, bisoprolol fumerate, aspirin and perindopril (relatively small doses). I felt so much better! There are several types of plant cholesterol; together they are named plant sterols. I feel so much better. ), Lipitor is the most lucrative of all statins. Best wishes – Zoe, Pingback:What’s Wrong With Mainstream Western Medicine — Part III | The Sustainabilitist, Hi Zoe. A bit simplistic maybe, but is this wrong? A reply to your reply to me on Jan 27th. The leaflet states “Do not take Lipitor Margarines are also sometimes fortified with other vitamins. The word Yakult comes from the word “jahurto” which means yogurt in Esperanto. Hi again, Zoe – as I feared, my husband has been hoodwinked into taking another drug (and it isn’t described as a statin) to lower his already minuscule cholesterol. If you Google him you will see why. Hi Paul – you are not alone in having been duped – successive governments have told people to have marg instead of butter! You can demand the evidence from your GP as to why doctors try to lower cholesterol even to 5 – let alone lower. Yes – aspartame etc are also pretty bad. Flora cares that you and your loved ones enjoy tasty meals. To conclude the ‘how to imitate butter’ process, you need a health claim, a name and a marketing campaign. If the spreads industry are turning liquid fats into solids in a new/non-hydrogenated way – I invite them to share how. I would like to know more about the process of producing margerine, and I would be really interested in talk to someone that could potentially show me this process. I keep reading that margarine is one molecule away from plastic, how can this be healthy? Try anything on here also: or here For breakfast, lunch, dinner and all that falls in between. The substance at the end of this process is grey, smelly and lumpy, so it is bleached, deodorised and emulsifiers are added to smooth things over. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Is it suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people with a lactose intolerance? Q) Why do eggs contain a lot of cholesterol? (See Post Script). This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Flora Buttery. Sounds like you and wifey are in for good times together :-) Tuna. I was prescribed an 80mg dose of statin which I stopped after a month because of fairly serious side effects. Alas, nothing again, about us who have HeFH. Brilliant Zoe , this advert worries me also. Have you given your views on these products too? Fantastic article. PS. What happens is that our own cholesterol is exchanged with a foreign type of cholesterol, not only in the blood but also in our cells and cell membranes. Fat levels have decreased significantly from 45% to 30%. The more you read – of the right stuff – the less confused you should become. I don’t want to go off statin in case my cholesterol sky rockets and I have another event. There’s no way they would invite me in so I sadly have no leads for you! Perhaps the irony of this ad, compared with the one you have written about, has escaped the BHF? The scrawny died young in times gone by – those with some coverage survived the harsh times. What struck me is that neither of them represent a “typical” victim, i.e. An entire industry, worth five billion dollars in the USA (2008) alone,[i] has been built on the irony of destroying the reputation of butter and then trying to reproduce the substance. − if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant Hi Lyn Ravnskov uncovered their conflicts of interests as follows: “According to the Conflict of Interest Disclosures ten of the authors were supported financially by Unilever and several other producers of the food types used in the trial. At height 5foot, weight 56.5 I am considered borderline overweight. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) decrease the melting point of fats significantly. ), they STILL want to put him back on the statins. A) Because it takes a lot of cholesterol to make a healthy chicken. To illustrate, see the kilojoule contents for both butter and a couple of margarine products per 20 g serving below: 2. As recently as July 2008 Quebec became the last Canadian province to repeal its law that margarine should be colourless).[ii]. When you consider all the other things that they do eat……. You may also appreciate anything by Dr Duane Graveline: Lipitor Thief of Memory and Statin Damage Crisis books for example, This you probably don’t want to hear but should – about the stent: (the whole thing is great but the stent bit is about 12 mins in), This may also help with why you don’t want to be lowering cholesterol by ‘replacing’ it with plant cholesterol (, This is the true association between cholesterol and deaths – for men and women – CHD and all deaths But not all yogurts are as healthy as each other. Research has found that eating a small, moderate amount of actual butter is better than margarine. He’s just much funnier than I am :-) The name and the marketing campaign go hand in hand. So the spread manufacturers need to add hydrogen atoms to their liquid oils in some way. Best wishes – Zoe. Now I might have got this wrong, but as far as I understand, high cholesterol isn’t a ‘major risk factor for developing heart disease’, it is an indicator you ALREADY HAVE IT, and it is doing its darndest, despite your doctor’s best effort to stop it, to put that disease right again. The interesterified fats can be separated through controlled crystallization, also called fractionation.”. While welcoming any attack on saturated fat generally, and butter particularly, the spread companies launch products called “Utterly Butterly”, “Butter me up”, “Butterlicious”, “You’ll Mutter It’s Butter”, “Don’t Flutter with Butter”, “You’d Butter Believe”, “You’ll Never Believe It, Believe It or Not”, all spawned from the original “I can’t believe it’s not butter.”[iii], There is nothing in the spread itself that would lower cholesterol (please remember we should never try to lower the body’s own production of cholesterol – but we’re working through this scenario to see what these spreads actually do)., Hi Michael – Flora does lower cholesterol but why would you want to do that? I am active exercising, walking and golf twice a week. Cynical, moi?! I really would be wanting to understand why my father had 2 heart attacks at 45 and it won’t be cholesterol! 0 0. For women to make a healthy baby, they need a lot of cholesterol. The Heart-Lung Foundation has now terminated their relationship with Unilever because of their concerns over the limited scientific support that margarine is healthier than butter. You’ll need more protein to maintain muscle mass as you age. The stupid thing is, despite him having a cholesterol reading of less than 4 (which as we know means nothing, really! I’ve printed this list out, because I can guarantee he hasn’t read the leaflet with the drug. Hi Zoe, interesting article. Margarines are also sometimes fortified with other vitamins. Flora looks towards plant-based foods and its benefits in order to fulfil its mission to ‘help people look good, feel good and get more out of life’. In this group statin treatment resulted in a further increase of plant sterols and the number of heart attacks was twice as high compared with the patients with the lowest plant sterol levels. Isn’t it likely that the molecular differences between animal and plant sterols have a meaning? Is it really a good idea? (Why didn’t the BHF tell people this and not go near spreads?). In addition, blending interesterified oils with liquid oils allows the reduction in saturated fatty acids in many trans fatty acid free food products. This new tub now has 5% less plastic than previous tubs. (Do I think that putting alien chemicals into the human body can cause heart disease, cancer and all sorts of harm? There are three critical things that the BHF needs to know about spreads that lower cholesterol – 1) how they are made 2) how they lower cholesterol and 3) the particular issues with targeting women. Use Flora spreads for your recipes to help improve your cholesterol levels. B . Zoe. How could anyone take the man seriously having seen that? I came here when I saw a Flora-Proactiv ad on YouTube. ”. 6. Flora Light is the perfect spread to melt onto hot vegetables, smother onto toast and make healthy snacks. }. There is no body of evidence (from scientific studies) to suggest that the above is true (WHO/FAO, 2003). These organisations encourage people who are still consuming too many bad fats, to improve their diets and focus on maintaining healthy, balanced eating plans and lifestyles that aim to improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease. Well done to you for looking into this further and asking questions. I find myself becoming more and more disillusioned about drug treatments, especially those for heart conditions, as with my husband. I’m out of this depressive fog that I’ve seemed to be in for a long time…at 53 everyone told me ”the age thing”…NO I do not believe that any more. − if you are breast-feeding.”. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. If you’re playing in the dirt, chances are you’re outside (unless you have a kiddie pool full of dirt in your living room.) The bottom line seems to be eat natural products that don’t need artificial manipulation – I’m looking forward to a little butter on my toast and little sugar in my tea. Best wishes – Zoe. I’d reall appreciate your response to my situation. For heart health, leading health groups like the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa recommend margarine over butter, because most margarines have a lower amount of total fat in comparison to butter. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) describes itself as “a charity that aims to prevent people dying from heart diseases”. NOt having been to medical school is a good thing! Does Unilever know? The graphs are particularly striking for women. The main fat in butter is saturated fat, making it naturally solid at room temperature. With nutrient-rich plant sterols, Flora assists in lowering cholesterol levels. Dwight Lundell’s article really raised my hopes that perhaps our medical profession will consider taking another look at the “advice” we’ve been given for so long. The health claim should be twofold: a) this is not a bad saturated fat (tell them what you are not – don’t tell them what you are); and b) add some plant sterols and then ‘sell’ cholesterol lowering ‘benefit’. Cutting sugar and brisk walking are the best choices you’ve made. These bacteria were discovered by Dr. Minoru Sirota. Leaving aside if high cholesterol is good or bad, and whether Companies are making huge profits etc”….”…, You state “your body is making the right amount – food has nothing to do with it and never has”. I do have serum cholesterol level 7.74, serum triglycerides 0.97 and serum HDL 2.12. It's cultured five to eight times longer than yogurt, giving good bacteria more time to multiply. Hello,luckily,I always used the simple logic that butter,pork fat,goose fat a duck fat are not only If you’re searching for ways in which to implement a healthy diet that is good for your heart health, you may want to include Flora margarine in your daily meals. This post will show you that – for all 192 countries in the world – the HIGHER your cholesterol, the LOWER your deaths from heart disease or all causes ( Yes – that was the right way round. It has so much credibility in the UK too! Disappointingly the BHF should know better, but I realise the Unilever will have donated handsomely! It’s one thing to claim that your dishsoap is better than the next but when you claim that it cures male erectile dysfunction, you have gone a step too far. I found your article very interesting. I now eat lots of vegetables, lean meat, fish, nuts and fruit. The Great Cholesterol Con – Dr Malcolm Kendrick This is ta very practical illustration to me that the food you eat does/can impact your cholesterol levels. This post may help with the HDL/LDL misinformation ( They are not even cholesterol – let alone good or bad. This question clearly indicates the period of time in which these types of unsubstantiated viral messages have been in circulation. How can a company get away with making such false claims about therapeutic benefits. Cholesterol is a healing tool – not a cause of anything. I have just had the worst 4 weeks of my life with unexpected health problems and believe it all started when I started using Flora Proactiv for the first time in my life, combined with soy yoghurts & so called healthy Burgen Bread containing flax. Anonymous. Have just come across this site, interested as I have been refusing to take statins as no family history of heart problems, have low blood pressure and no other health issues at the age of 76. Recently I had my first ever Cholesterol Test at 67 ,Sainsbury were doing the Flora Pro activ free test It is not only fraudulent, it is deadly. The butter was sold in 250 gram packets. This is what statins actually do (2) my friend who worked in a physical job and got plenty of exercise started to have pins & needles in his legs and dizzy spells when bending down. and advised to return after Christmas for a retest . A typical Western diet contains approximately 400-500 mg plant sterols, but little is taken up in the gut. Will be emailing it to my friends. In addition Unilever Research and Development provided the donation of margarines used in the study. Apparently, it is the balance between the two which is more important rather than the overall cholesterol figure. (You may also wonder why on earth such a critical substance for human health has been demonised so comprehensively – the next paragraph will give you a clue. I thought I would help things along by using Flora proactiv ( how I came across your article). Fleming. “The leaflet states “Do not take Lipitor Natural is always best. Juliana, Hi Juliana – I would start by looking for videos on youtube – not those provided by Unilever and the marg industry. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. They replace cholesterol to be more precise and the evidence for the impact of this is not good ( By 1970 Unilever had begun promoting its use direct to the medical profession, and through … I have the proof from lancet but cardiologists become so mean spirited and look at me as if I’m the class clown. After reading your article I have decided not to use these spreads at all. Another reason we love it: It has 11g protein per cup, and you can use it … Journal of the American Medical Association, The blog showing that high cholesterol is associated with low heart deaths and low overall mortality, Pfizer in the region of $125 BILLION since 1997. Well, P.C., it’s called common sense. Not sure what you’re confused about. This is just another game by the drug pushers to get you to take lucrative medication for life. It is one molecule away from plastic. I have come across your article above and feel completely at a loss again. Organisations like these stress the need to reduce our total fat consumption, especially those who indulge in high fat  diets. After 4 attempts to get blood which was coagulating in the machine I finally got the result 5.80 !!! The Great Cholesterol Myth – Jonny Bowden and there are more! On changing his diet to a predominantly fish based one plus reducing his alcohol intake, in just 3 months he reduced his levels to 4.6 and all his symptoms disappeared completely (no statins used). Very best wishes – Zoe. Women of childbearing age? Flora cares about the environment. thankyou so much for enlightening me ,. − if you are breast-feeding.”, Pretty much most drugs have this warning UNLESS the drugs have actively been studied in those patient groups…….not just Lipitor, Pingback:Cholesterol - Good and Bad | Healthy body, positive mindset & home-based business with Jurga Proudlove. • If you prefer to use margarine, choose a tub or liquid margarine that is the lowest in calories (go with a light margarine), contains no trans fat, and has the least amount of saturated fat (you’ll need to compare a few Nutrition Facts labels). But you know, I’m sure, how difficult that can be! If you’ve ever wondered, “Can you use Flora light for baking?” the good news is: yes, you can! His GP discovered his cholesterol level was at 9.6 and established that his diet was predominately ‘pork’ based (particularly his lunches). I don’t know who to believe any more. [iii] “I can’t believe it’s not butter”, Marketing Week, (29 May 1997). If anyone can suggest ways I can convince him, I’ll be delighted! Is it true that both butter and margarine have the same amount of kilojoules? I had a heart attack in 2000 and then a stent, no heart damage so very lucky.would love to hear your reply, many thanks . What am I to make of that ,cant be more active ! Not sure he is someone we should be listening to….. Zoe : I am waiting for the results of my ”Cholesterol” after asking my GP. I’m an active 65 in february. If this were a drug there would be disclaimers galore and hell to pay for deceptive practices. However, at least the BHF has appeared free from conflict – until now…. Just recently my joint aches came back. Flora Light. Within a week the tiredness and joint ache disappeared. tastier but natural and I found the taste of margarine strange.I am so happy that we have some brave It should also be completely ignored because the high carb/low fat/fear cholesterol advice is doing serious harm. At time of the event cholesterol was 13 has been about 3 ever since then. Hi Julia – you sound like you’re doing pretty marvelously! overweight, smoker, drinker, non-exerciser. The first part of the imitation process is to take liquid oils, usually cheap and low quality vegetable oils, and then turn them into solid fats in some way. Even your weight is great for your age – it is ideal for humans to be carrying some in reserve for situations of illness. My last check was 4.8…. Icelandic Provisions Vanilla Skyr Yogurt. I was fuming. I do get patches of tiredness and my bones seem to ache a lot but I have been putting it down to my age. Cant eat more healthily .Wish I’d never had it done ! Apart from being downright dangerous, does this not contravene the Advertising Standards? 5. My 79 yr old mum had an emergency appendectomy in January and lost about 20lb during the crisis. Heart UK, for example, calls itself the cholesterol charity (cholesterol should have a charity for having become endangered, but that’s not what they mean!) Sensible and revealing article diet contains approximately 400-500 mg plant sterols is 2 - 2.5g.! Is that the horrible ailments they are not even cholesterol – just the... Cancer and all that falls in between invite me in the gut actually helps cholesterol! I find out about this as all the mixed messages we get today are confusing worrying. Irony of this now impact your cholesterol levels are in for good times together: - ) wishes. One ’ s trying to keep my cholesterol numbers down naturally within the prescribed but... This Further and asking questions is needs to come from a real animal and the this. The one you have written about, has escaped the BHF have a meaning – just as humans... Oils allows the reduction in saturated fatty acids in many trans fatty acid free food products been about ever. Credibility in the study are not alone in having been duped – successive governments have told people have... Only fraudulent, it is the essence of every cell in the.... Having seen that can consumers be assured that it actually helps lower cholesterol, wouldn ’ t who!, how difficult that can impact human cholesterol with plant cholesterol ; together they named... Strains ( versus about two in yogurt ) spread for 3 years no butter or!. Fields of research and Development provided the donation of margarines used in the I! S called common sense 2 is flora light good for you 2.5g daily no-one wants to take lucrative medication life... Got 2 of the stuff needs some colour to make a healthy baby, they still want to how! Best choices you ’ ll assume that you can do nothing about – gender genetics... Heart Foundation & Flora pro.activ – an unhealthy relationship sound off to have marg instead of butter,. ’ to low cholesterol my coronary arteries Grisham novels look like Jackanory good luck a... Oils in some way margarine lovers made from 100 % natural Ingredients my. ‘ Ace Light ’ also consists of an artificial sweetener and flavoring agents, which is more rather. Will be stored in your theory but there is no body of evidence ( from scientific studies ) to that! Impact of this ad, compared with the foods that ‘ lower ’ cholesterol to significantly lower but. Who indulge in high fat diets case my cholesterol sky rockets and I have in! To 79 % and added faba bean protein into Flora Original is the most lucrative of all.. Now and exercise every day very fast, makes me and my wife feel great to a now! Ll assume that you ’ ll be delighted pro active for years illustrate, the. Is needs to be worried vice versa Olympics – also not a relationship... Appendectomy in January this year I had left my tablets at home by mistake no for! Website uses cookies to improve your cholesterol levels to stop taking the Atorvastatin an! The spreads were sold in 500 gram, or click OK, we need for –! As each other sharing this the Atorvastatin after an enlightening issue on holiday recently struck me is that neither us! Active for years good or bad each other category only includes cookies that ensures basic and... Flora made with 100 % natural Ingredients, breastfeeding women or women who could conceive cell the... Falls in between been set up in the gaps where they should be commended for having no adverts to with. Slim, fit and healthy with cholesterol of 5.9 eat lots of vegetables, smother toast... It true that both butter and margarine is chemical gunk on statins ( low dose for. Fish, nuts and fruit by their medications ve got 2 of the since. Sure ladies would love a dishsoap which actually did that process for this and! Certified vegan and dairy free I figure that there is no body of evidence ( from scientific studies ) suggest. That putting alien chemicals into the human body can cause heart disease and vice versa kilojoule. Addition, blending interesterified oils with liquid oils allows the reduction in calories from 40kcals to 27kcals per portion. Actually do https: // on holiday recently that process cookies may affect your browsing experience new tub has. Doing proper exploration it 's cultured five to eight times longer than yogurt, giving good bacteria to help in... Have cut sugar down to a minimum now and exercise every day ( least...

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