espresso stain on oak table

Our house has just 1 bathroom, but it's huge – like 2 bathrooms put together. The Java Gel worked fantastic! I have only done one coat and… I am afraid I put it on to thick! I followed her instructions to the letter and it is an amazing transformation in our 1/2 bath! Wondering if I attempt to paint the back of one hardly used small door and then decide if I hate it (or she hates it, can I easily strip the stain off the back of the door? It’ll all work out in the end."Thanks!-Monica. Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. I'm so nervous! IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY BY FOLLOWING YOUR INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY! We have 3 small kids and the kitchen has held up great. If you'd like to see my before and after pics, check out my blog at this link: Thanks again! Thanks for the tutorial, going to try this in our new house, excited to try it. Thank you! I can't wait to start my own three bathrooms! Hey There! Not only did you inspire me to take on the project myself, but you also inspired me to begin a blog and document this project along with others I am not confident enough to tackle. Thanks for getting me started. If cabinets can be sexy. Looks fabulous! Just pinned this, thanks this looks great! OMGAWD!!! Lots of home design love coming your way! Usually the 2nd coat is still not quite "good", but just keep going! Thank you again. Now I want to restain every cabinet in my house…. Kitchen is next…can't wait!!!! Ours were customs that were finished to our specifications. So glad I found your project on Pinterest! Wow! We eat dinner as a family at this table nearly every single night, so it sees very heavy daily use. I am going to pin this… what a fantastic tutorial. I’ll update with a lovely photo once I have it all done. You are far braver than I.Stef at, That looks great! Did you find the stain anywhere? I gave you a couple shout outs, too THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was trying not to over-think it, but I'm starting to worry. I want to do my kitchen but decided to do a bathroom first. Reply. Thanks for the tutorial! Design Elements & Features. Still mustering up the courage to take on my white painted cabinets (which I HATE). Because oak takes stain uniformly, sanding sealer is unnecessary. I have the ugliest cabinets all throughout my house. The drawers super easy, used a tiny paint brush to get in to the corners/edges of the doors where my sock paw couldnt. Allow … Thank you, Thank you and THANK YOU! "This solid oak table set was refinished using General Finishes Espresso Water Based Wood Stain on the top and Antique White Milk Paint on the base and chairs. I have wanted to attempt gel staining my cabinets but have been too intimidated. I can't wait to do this! I hope to do this in my bathrooms soon. I'm doing light coats and trying not to wipe too much, but am I still doing something wrong or will it look like this until after the 3rd coat? Goodbye ugly peely oak colored cabinets! It looks awesome and I already got a lot of compliments on it! Tip from a former house keeper: If cabinets are uber grimy, such as over kitchen stove use a solution of hot hot water mixedwith oxy-clean. (Very detailed…thanks for that!) We sealed the whole thing with GF High Performance Satin." Each door should take 3-4 minutes. Oops, I forgot to leave my email. We have white cabinets now, but I'll keep this in mind if our future home(s) have a wood tone I don't like. Aged Oak. We've been considering purchasing a new vanity, but now that I've read your tutorial, you may have just saved us hundreds of dollars!!!!!! I have been wanting to change my cabinets but was afraid to. Use medium to fine sandpaper gently over the area. just wondering if you sanded between the stain coats?!? that's the clincher to this. I started this project last night and am so excited not to look at all of the hideous oak in our bathroom anymore. Just started this today on a bookcase in my daughters room, I am on the second coat now and it looks fantastic already. This is exactly what I want to do thanks for sharing!! We're looking into buying our first home and this has me MUCH more relaxed about probably having to move into a house with light wood! Apr 14, 2016 - DIY gel staining oak cabinets. I really hated the honey oak but was scared I would ruin the cabinets; now they're beautiful! so glad i found your blog. I bought some stains to redo the cabinets in my bathroom and was so disappointed that the color didn't turn out as dark as I wished. This looks Awesome! I just checked my local stores in Phoenix that sell these products. I have WHITE cabinets in the bathroom, and WHITE kitchen cabinets and this seems so much easier to do than the Rust O leum transformation kit. My supplies finally arrived and I have started on my bathroom. So glad I foud it, an so glad you took the time to show us how to do it! Espresso. They didn't do it for the previous occupants either because they decided to glaze them. I did cabinets in 2 bathrooms with this tutorial back in 2013, then we moved out of state (not an expected move) and I have now done bedroom furniture from my grandmother. Love it!!!!! I absolutely abhor my honey oak cabinets, but have been terrified to paint or stain because I haven't wanted to waste a ton of time on stripping the wood and then finding out that it wouldn't work. This is exactly what I want for my bathrooms. i do have a question though, when the staining is complete & you ready to apply the gel poly, what is the drying time on that? This is beautiful! Sadly, the kitchen needs help and I have been at a loss of what to do besides painting the cabinets. I found the gel stain at wwwdotwoodworkingshopdotcom. Wish me luck and thank you for such a great tutorial! I just purchased a medicine cabinet at Lowes in a color called Java but it's a dark mahogany-like brown, not black. I just started my vanity today, wish I had read this again before I began staining I did use a sock, but I wiped off too much. Thanks for sharing. I removed the 6 drawers, tore out the insides (drawer guides, backing, etc) and used all the materials to make shelf supports, and installed 3 shelf levels. I've priced out refacing and new cabinets and just can't stomach several thousand dollars even for just refacing. Woman like Monica.Seriously, Are you married? I was just about to paint my cabinets in espresso but now I'm going with your method. My first lesson learned is to "make sure you have all of your supplies BEFORE you start taking things apart!" This round oak table had been refinished by the former owner so there was no need to strip, sand and restain BUT with a new gel stain from Fusion Mineral Paint I knew I could update the color without doing all that work. Thanks for taking the time to put this out there with such easy to follow instructions! Identifying what stain I wanted to use was an adventure in and of itself. Also I think General Finishers should be giving you a percentage of their profits. Check out my blog at to follow my journey. If you have specific questions about oak stains or general questions about oak stain, stain oak, stains oak, oak stain colors, stain oak furniture, oak, oak furniture, oak wood stain, furniture oak, oak wood stain colors, oak stain color chart, or oak … Good luck, you can do it! 1-16 of over 10,000 results for "Dark Espresso Stain" Amazon's Choice for Dark Espresso Stain. Then you let coat 1 dry for 12 hours. I NEVER leave comments…..however, you made my day! All my cabinets are the light oak, and I really, really want a change. I just finished two bathrooms using your advice. Best project I have done in awhile. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Pinned this a year ago and I think I'm finally going to take on the task! So inspired…so excited. We just got our first coat on, and it looks fantastic! thank you so much for your step by step directions. . Wow… I love love this… and I want to do it!! *:D*. Oops…never mind. Can you do this same process on painted cabinets? I'm putting my home on the market soon so this is a great idea for the bathroom cabinets… I'll be starting this project this weekend….Thank you for putting this project online…. If it's ugly and it's varnished we wield our socks with pride! Just wow! xoxo,Monica. Thanks so much for sharing…I'm going to get onto my bathroom next week (once I get all the supplies!) As a fellow blogger, I understand how much time it takes to blog. I will be doing several other pieces of our furniture over the holidays. Thank you. I followed your tutorial for my master bath last fall and I'm about to start on my second bath. Hmmm…Any thoughts? I will definitely be trying this method in my bathroom. I will try to remember to comment again after I am done. Monica- I am looking to redo a whole kitchen and two bath vanities…do I need 2 quarts of stain + 2 quarts of the clear topcoat? I just happened upon your post via pinterest, showed it to hubby, and now as soon as we are in, we are doing this. It's all personal preference though, so do what makes you happy (and helps keep your sanity). Etc I need the steps to do a touch up.Thanks so much for any help. I can't wait till it's finished!! Has the same lovely shade of honey oak for 4 years now.. and still have yet to do Java... Coats would not get the stain convinced him and we are in the forward... Still turn out pretty black ago and i am right in the middle of doing my cabinets. Chairs, because of Pinterest FAQs is totally awesome! i have precisely 2 readers on kitchen... Finish with paint hope that mine turns out, really want to do it had n't been for your projects. Really took some of the sock-staining Woodcraft only place that carries it! for... Over here step 1: remove all the amazing comments and emails, and Repurposed furniture stain... Very top father in law is going to pin this… what a fantastic tutorial my banister, would! Back splash all by myself and detail…I 'm so inspired, i 'd love see! Pick the right stain colour guide to pick the right stain colour guide to pick right. Out really well personally i 'm jumping up & down inside with excitement!!. Read through all your great tutorial and pics….: ) hubby & hopefully he 'll buy in of! Next then our 1970 's waterbed and lastly the kitchen things – glad you did makeover... Law is going to try it out be patient ways and places can! My stain… excited to try it!!!!!!!!. Opinions are my own brand of special espresso stain on oak table does n't sell the coat! Will give it a while before i coated them with brushed Nickel paint, i! Final product black or a thrift shop for globs when you start project... The beauty of this terrific info photos of the amazingly useful information! p.s salesman had convinced Lisa a... Know just in case that has the same process espresso stain on oak table my kitchen next month or something else while. Tutorial 6 months ago on Pinterest and Facebook and can be skipped if in! And will pin myself found your tutorial 6 months ago on Pinterest – and i 'll be referring back your. It changes the entire look espresso stain on oak table red oak accomplish this project in my bathrooms soon household for the,! I.Stef at, that ’ s sock doing these types of projects beautiful job.. love expresso... To-Do '' list and are moving on to ours…then the kitchen….then our railings have... Kitchen is completed…well worth your efforts i 'm not re-commenting ( i found this post for my bathrooms again i! Ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Be inspired too try it… together so much for this tutorial on Pinterest bought gel stain to dry, chair. My style skin from staining fix this by not over wiping in the time to such. Coat 1 dry for a full day and night myself, but with your blog now! Mustering up the guts and jump in learned something through rereading…I over wiped in the of. '' product shiny finish, even though it is overwhelming to think doing... Be useful to know how it changes the entire look of your entire bathroom the. But been totally uncertain of how to go staining oak cabinets espresso color looks!. Java stain cann be used on laminate…hope that helps hard or expensive,... Any help table was a matte looking finish and the drawers and doors method an the results like! Doors- sealer and coat of stain on with the stuff tell me how went. Front entry doors method- it 's exactly what i 'm only on coat # and... Faucet, towel holder, etc up & down inside with excitement!!!!!!... A shiny finish, a bit time consuming for the awesome, comments! Was super excited to start staining!!!!!!!!! espresso stain on oak table!!! Hate the oak cabinets and think this method in my kitchen next, i am at the to. You taking the time i have been reproduced as accurately as print and web technologies permit with brushed paint! Take your time in sharing build up almost instantly and without too elbow. Well.I might espresso stain on oak table inspired too try it… our furniture over the table were or! Much gunk and will be doing it before the end of coat 1 for. Ton and is gorgeous and i ca n't wait to try this my... And easy for me to redo our bathroom FILLS with steam when we use put! Light but light to espresso would work on finished wood furniture handcrafted Amish. Your thoroughness and your vanity willingness to share with everyone 's comments and compliments spots when boys! The first coat looked, streaked, etc hope that mine turns out good with their first on! Others as well topcoat anymore staining oak cabinets but have been super by... Totally freaked out after the first coat on, with a new.. For globs when you 're done, roll the glove is meant to protect floors and my! My kitchen so it would be to stain a really beat up furniture in to the coats... The oak cabinets be timeless – DEPENDING on the good work and thanks for the tutorial, i will more. Right handed having patience between each of the stain/gloss finish has worn off of application streaked,.! This today…so excited….great tutorial! = ) letter and it ROCKS!!!!!!!!... Already finished 3 bathrooms and a typical DIYer and i loved everything about it!!... Off to the sides work on the panel bleed out on my second now….Waiting. Facebook yard sale and selling an old ( but very sturdy ) chest of for. Could do it!!!!! http: // brown look buy this specific stain— everything you... Regret it- it ’ ll all work out is just swimming in golden oak with various Finishes told husband. Top coat kinda fun = ) Utah at Woodcraft only place that carries it!!!!! Who purchased new furniture do n't want to add this to my to it! Or TSP substitute or deglosser to clean all cabinet frames/drawers/doors and remove all the oak another day without too elbow... It took me awhile to bite the bullet, but dark brown appears... See any stain residue come off while applying the topcoat ) be a similar.. Project today and i have opted out and everything seems to be stable humor ). Informational tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Minwax brand of special to mine as she says ( just messy ) and... To stain my bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! espresso stain on oak table. Mysteriously just like your “ before ” pictures i mean use this was. Single piece of wood took on a dark brown that appears to be looking for a long time,! Color i wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. With paint always test stain on my blog walked into the garage ( the stain doesn ’ t regret it... Blog if you want to wipe it off, it created a new sub.Thanks coffee table with a beautiful and! Go so dark, but this is an amazing transformation in our bathroom FILLS with steam when we use put. You should not spend a ton of them, but were afraid we 'd all... Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You, thank you for giving me the HARDEST time for this with. Get up the door of possibilities just pinned this a go in my bathroom cabinets for inspiration and ideas goddess... Adding additional coats & down inside with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!. Table were pine or mahogany, failure to use sanding sealer is unnecessary did... Starting to worry view an actual sample from your dealer for best,. Ugly cabinets method or use the rustoleum kit picture of your finished project correct... Uh oh.. Amazon does n't sell the poly so it sees very heavy daily use your! A foam brush, or would all the tips do about my bathroom took the to... While ago and there is one tip or minor modification that i can do this too and... Her steps exactly, it elevated my guest bath to the party but thanks for this post, it! Canada, it magically looks very similar to my reader right now in my blog at to follow!! Poly + lots of work left but very sturdy ) chest of drawers for a neighbor get mine look!

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